Friday, February 19, 2010

No News is Good News??

You might have noticed that I haven't done an update for my weigh loss in a few weeks. There is a very good reason for that, and its that I'm mad about it. I'm upset because I have fallen off the wagon, not just for a day but for 2 weeks! Ugh...shame on me. I sort of regained control of myself today and am already feeling better but its not going smoothly. I have a craving, for a yummy cupcake....a cupcake from a local bakery with super sweet and super fatty buttercream icing! I cannot, no matter what I try to substitute, get this stupid cupcake out of my head. This in turn has led me to snarfing down all sorts of 'healthier' options, along with some not healthy one, which is crazy I know. I should have just gone and gotten the stupid cupcake, realized it wasn't as good as I'd dreamed about, and moved on....but I WILL NOT GIVE INTO A CUPCAKE! ARGGGGG

So that is that. I've started fresh today. I will see a loss on Saturday, if not then next Saturday. I can do this, I know I can, we all have our rough patches. So yeah, I'm probably going to get that cupcake this weekend so its over and done. Stupid cupcake.

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  1. Get out your vanilla extract and take a few good sniffs. That may help.