Thursday, October 29, 2009

The launch!!!

So I've joined the blogger world and hope to keep up with this better than I have in the past...the journey begins!

As it stands, we are currently a family of four....Stella just turned 6 months and Luca is about 6 weeks shy of 3 years. Steve and I celebrated 4 years of marriage this past June. We just recently went from two cats to one since Zucca got out of the house and ran away :( we are still hoping she comes back because Reese is pretty lonely without her to play with.

In other news, tonight is Trick Or Treat in Hilliard and Luca can hardly contain his excitement. He is going to be a dragon and sweet little Stella is going to be a pink monster. Now if you'd told me that my baby girl would be a monster for her very first Halloween, I would have said you were crazy! However, she is completely adorable and LOVES her costume. It should be fun night!!!