Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Freeze

This has been a loooooong cold week. We've had more snow so far this past week or so than the whole month of February last year. I'm not sure of the total accumulation but it was several feet. Steve came home early Tuesday and stayed home Wednesday, which made Luca very happy. He spent several hours outside with daddy, cleaning off the cars, shoveling the walk and throwing snowballs. He built a wonderful little snowman (with a little help from daddy) and couldn't wait to show him off to me and Stella.

I have been going a little crazy, not getting out of the house much, but with a break in the bad weather I might just get out of the house! I did manage to get out to go to the Blue Jackets game with a friend who had an extra ticket and we had a great time.

That's it for now, not much in a blogging mood. I will post again later with my weight loss update, Luca's potty training progress and whats on the calendar for us over the next few months.

Stay warm friends!

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