Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back on Track

Yesterday was my week 6 weigh in and I was down .8lb. I have (almost) taken back off the pound I put on last week and have recommitted myself to doing this the right way. I would love to be down 20-25lb by Stella's birthday and if I'm really good I can do this. It's 2 months away and only 10-15lb so that is right around 1lb a week which is a good steady way to go. I wish this damn snow would disappear so I could take the kids out in the stroller but that will mostly have to wait until spring. I could take them to the mall but then I spend money :D

I need to get out the Dancing With the Stars DVD and give it a whirl. I'm also going to find some yoga DVDs that are geared towards heavier women. I did a few when I was pregnant with Stella and really enjoyed them. I felt like I'd gotten a workout, was more relaxed and energized and felt just a wee bit taller from all the stretching! Here's to a positive week!

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