Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm melting!

Today was the end of week 1 on WW and my first weigh in. I was confident I would have a loss because I followed the plan and tracked every bite I took, but still....getting on that scale is nerve wracking! I was very happy to see a 5.2lb loss for the week! Now, I know this is not something to expect again, usually the first two weeks I have a higher loss as my body adjusts to eating better and less, but boy did it feel good to get a 5lb loss star sticker my first week!!! I'm already feeling better about myself and more confident, imagine how I'll feel a month or so from now! I'm setting tiny goals for myself along the way which is great because it will let me have a ton of little celebrations to share with all my friends and family! I also have a lot of NSV's (non-scale victories) that I am very much anticipating. Let me share these with you.....

Weight Loss Goals
  • 5% loss of 14lbs
  • 10% loss of 27lb
  • 10lb loss, 15lb loss, 20lb loss.....etc.
Non-Scale Victories I'm anticipating

  • moving down clothing sizes
  • being able to buy a bra from Victoria Secret for my birthday in September
  • not having my tummy touch the table when I sit in a booth!!!

Baby steps will get me to where I want to be, along with the amazing support system I have. I have a before picture I will post soon and I plan on taking a new picture with every 10lb I've lost. Stay tuned to watch your pal melt away!!!

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