Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 9 Month Birthday Princess!!

9 months ago my little girl made her appearance and hasn't stopped making her presence known! We have had some rough months but our Little Miss is really starting to shine. At this point she has NO teeth, still cannot crawl (or at least hasn't figured out she can) and is giving us one hell of a time with sleeping! At the same time, she has the biggest smiles and twinkles in her eye when daddy comes home, big brother gives her kisses or mommy picks her up for a snuggle. She can say dada, wave hello, clap, roll her way across the room to her brothers toys, hold her own bottle, stand with little assistance and is starting those preliminary walking steps holding onto our fingers. It's hard to be live that her birthday is just 3 months away! I'm getting so excited and have been pouring through websites and catalogues looking for the perfect decorations to fit a princess! Hopefully she'll be walking by then so she can show off her pretty birthday dress!!! Happy 9 month birthday baby girl!!!

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