Friday, November 27, 2009


Our Thanksgiving this year went very smoothly, almost too smoothly, and seemed to be over before it began. We managed to get all 4 of us dressed and our youngest members changed and fed and into the car by 8:40am, our goal was 9am so we did great. Our hope was that Stella (and Luca if we were lucky) would nap in the car during the 2 hour trip to Parkersburg, WV. Luca played happily with trucks and his doodle pad and Stella spent her time watching the trees go by and watching her big brother....she's infatuated! Not a peep our of her the whole time, this from our Little Miss I Don't Ride In Cars! Oh how far we have come in just a few months time.

We arrived around 11am and were able to spend a few hours with my Grandparents before heading to my aunt and uncles house for dinner. A few family members couldn't make the trip this year, and were missed, but all in all it was great food and good company. It was really nice to see my cousin Jaime since we hadn't seen her since last Christmas! Luca was in heaven with all the yummy food and stuffed himself with turkey, potatoes, corn and especially sweet potatoes; he loves sweet potatoes! Afterwards he got to pick his own desert and then spend the next hour entertaining the family with song and dance :) Well, he sang one line from Jingle Bells over and over, told an incomplete knock knock joke and shook his bootie to some good music....he's such a funny little monkey and everyone just loves him to pieces. Stella spend her turkey day being passed from one family member to another, just smiling away and looking like a princess. By the time everyone was done eating she was pooped and took a nap on mommy while big brother entertained.
We got home late but the kids did great, again not a peep in the car. We had a little dinner, brushed teeth and into bed for all of us! We are not a 'black friday' family so we were all able to get a full nights sleep and woke up to snow flurries this morning! Yeah for the holidays!!!

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