Friday, November 6, 2009

ARG....and arg again!!!

Let me start by saying, I love my kids....there are days however I'm not sure I like them very much! Is that horrible? Are moms everywhere looking down their noses and tsking to each other?? Well so be it. I love love LOVE my kids but I find I have those days now where the cocktail of preschooler and infant just make my hair want to fall out, that's right, it just falls out I don't have to bother with the pulling...its as eager to escape the noise, spit up and poopie diapers as I am!

I guess its just certain parts of the day really, like the evenings. Those hours after nap and before daddy comes home, that can be so trying. Stella has become like a third arm, always attached, and if not she is screaming to be so. I never to this day have dealt with separation anxiety with Luca but I've come to learn that this sweet daughter of mine has no intention of doing anything the same way her brother did. I put her down and she cries...heaven help us if she is happily playing in her exersaucer and I walk into the kitchen for 2 seconds to make a bottle! I am venting, I know this but what else is a mom to do? We love our kids for better or for worse, much like a marriage but much much more permanent! I know these days will be gone before I know it and I will mourn her baby days as I do with his, and I will want more kids; forgetting the horrible morning sickness and colicky days. Big sigh, deep breath...only an hour until bedtime!

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